Entering middle age brings forth a new set of health considerations. It’s a pivotal moment in life where you have the opportunity to implement lifestyle changes that can deter the onset of chronic diseases  or, at the very least, postpone their effects. Chronic diseases can significantly impact your health and well-being as you age.  That is why a 45 -49 year old health assessment or health check is important.  Your GP can offer recommendations to help you sidestep potential health issues in the future.

Why is the 45 – 49 health check important?

A health check for 45-49 year olds is aimed at those wishing to proactively manage their health and make necessary lifestyle changes to maintain their well-being. For individuals displaying risk factors for chronic disease development, especially so. Some of these risk factors include:

  • Your family history – a family history of chronic diseases can heighten your susceptibility.
  • Biomedical factors –conditions like high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, or obesity can increase your risk. A health check aids in identifying these risks.
  • Your lifestyle – Smoking, sedentary habits, excessive alcohol consumption, or poor dietary habits can escalate the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

If you identify with any of these risk factors, consult your GP to explore preventive measures.


What is involved in the 45 – 49 health check?

Our comprehensive assessment evaluates your physical and mental health to gauge your risk of developing chronic diseases in the future. During the assessment, your doctor or nurse may cover.

  • Individual and family Medical History
  • Weight, diet, and exercise regimen
  • Blood pressure check
  • Smoking status and alcohol consumption
  • Mental health, including feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Any other health concerns you may have.

Additional tests may be required, such as blood cholesterol and glucose level checks. Your GP can also ensure you’re up to date with immunisations and screening tests like PAP Smears


Eligibility for the 45 -49 year old health check.


If you hold a Medicare card and are aged 45-49 with risk factors and a family history of disease, you may qualify for the subsidised health assessment. Risk factors may include family history of chronic disease, abnormal blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar levels, weight and dietary concerns, history of smoking, or excessive alcohol intake.


If you do not have a Medicare card, or fall outside of this age group, you can have a health assessment preformed privately with a smaller time-based rebate.


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