About Aviation Medical Examinations (AVMeds)

In Australia, a pilot or air traffic controller must pass regular medical reviews (medical certification) as part of the licensing process.

A Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAME) is an Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved medical professional that carries out examinations to the aviation industry. This role ensures the safety of those working in the aviation industry and the general public.

DAMEs personally examine applicants providing medical certification. They discuss medical history, ensure relevant testing has been completed and record the medical examination results.

CASA issues different classes of medical certificates with varying standards and restrictions:

  • Class 1: Air Transport Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Multi-Crew Pilot, Flight Engineer
  • Class 2: Recreational Pilot, Private Pilot, Commercial Balloon Pilot
  • Basic Class 2 Medical Certificate
  • Class 3: Air Traffic Controller, Flight Service Operator
  • Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner Certification (RAMPC)
  • Class 5: Self-Declared Recreational Pilot (no medical assessment needed)

The types of examination and tests needed are based on the medical certificate class and your medical conditions. For example, Classes 1 & 3 certification require periodic heart tracing, hearing test, fasting cholesterol and blood sugar levels and an eye examination by CASA Designated Aviation Ophthalmologist or Credentialed Optometrist.


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DAME at Whitehorse Medical Centre

Dr Julie Wang is an accredited DAME with CASA. She graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1998 and holds the Australian Certificate of Civil Aviation Medicine from Monash University. Dr Wang is an active member of the Australasian Society of Aviation Medicine and regularly attends aviation related professional development education and training.

Book an Aviation Medical Examination

Book online or contact us to arrange an Av Med. Once you have made the booking, our team will assist you to prepare for the AvMed and advise you of the necessary preparations and additional follow-up needed.

Information we need before your booking

At the time of booking, please inform us the following information:

You must complete the CASA Medical Record System (MRS) online BEFORE your appointment.

The comprehensive medical assessment will take about an hour. Please contact us for more information or to discuss costs of the medical assessment.