Travel Clinics

Find  the latest update about international destinations and travel warnings and entry criteria at Smart Traveller

More information about international travel restrictions is available at the Department of Home Affairs. International travellers may have to complete specific health checks and satisfy COVID-19 testing criteria before arrival depending on the country of destination.

Whitehorse Medical Centre offers the following travel related services:


♦ Travel Advice & Vaccination Clinic ♦                           

Our GPs experienced in travel medicine will tailor management to individual needs based on your:

  • Personal health history
  • Immunisation history
  • Itinerary
  • Timing (eg wet or dry season)
  • Travel style (eg backpacker or luxury holiday
  • Reason for travel
  • Planned activities

Cost is $238.00 Medicare rebate is $80.10.  Any vaccinations that are required are an additional cost on top of consult fee. Speak to reception about the cost of the vaccinations required.

♦ Pretravel COVID RAT testing & certification ♦             Cost upon enquiry (non-Medicare rebatable)
This service includes:

  • Supervised COVID-19 testing using TGA approved COVID RAT kit & international certification; or
  • Assessment & official documentation of recovery if you have had COVID19 in the last 3 months


You should have a travel health check at least six weeks before you travel. However, even if you are travelling tomorrow, there are always things we can do to make sure you have a safe, healthy trip.


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Vaccines available

We stock a wide range of competitively priced private and government funded vaccines at all times. Please consult one of our GPs through the Travel Advice & Vaccination Clinic to ensure you and your family are fully protected before you travel. Travel Vaccines available include:

(Monkeypox Virus: The virus situation is evolving and the Centre currently does not stock vaccines for Monkeypox. See earlier link for info and prevention tips)

Information we need before your booking

Make an appointment for your vaccine or travel needs with:

At the time of booking, please inform our receptionist that you would like to book a Travel Advice & Vaccination Clinic OR Pretravel COVID RAT Testing & Certification appointment. You may also book travel related clinics online. Remember to bring in your valid passport on the day of the Pretravel COVID RAT Testing & Certification.

Our comprehensive travel clinic takes take about 30 minutes with one of the General Practitioners with special interests in travel health and the Practice Nurse for vaccinations or certifications if needed on the same day. We will provide a travel health plan that suits your needs, including the required vaccines and medications and their costs. Please contact us to find out more about travel related clinics and vaccine costs.