Employment Medical Examinations

Employment medical examinations help to assess fitness to work or to monitor for specific health risks of the occupation – as pre-employment medical assessments or as regular workplace medical assessments

Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-Employment medicals are designed to ensure that potential employees are capable of safely performing the prescribed role and that there are no limitations that may affect their ability to function in the role. Such medical assessments prior to employment are beneficial to all involved. They ensure the safety of employees by reducing the risks of a workplace injury and the assessments ensure less down-time and associated insurance costs to employers.

Workplace Medicals

Ongoing workplace medicals are an excellent way to ensure the employees remain fit for the role, but also to ensure that there are no specific workplace risks affecting their health. These include the general employment medical examination, but may more specifically assess for:

Employment medicals at Whitehorse Medical Centre are comprehensive and thorough assessments of an applicant’s health, including:

  • Body measurements – height, weight, body mass index (BMI);
  • Cardiovascular examination: blood pressure, pulse, heart attack risk assessment;
  • Respiratory examination: lung capacity and lung disease risk assessment;
  • Musculoskeletal examination: physical capacity testing and arthritis and back pain assessment;
  • Gastrointestinal examination: assessment for hernias and bowel problems;
  • Nervous system examination: assessment for neurovascular disease and stroke risks;
  • Visual examination: visual acuity, visual field, and eye examination; and
  • Urogenital assessment: spot testing for diabetes, kidney stones, and kidney disease.

Employment medicals can be as comprehensive as the role or employer requires, and we offer the following as additional services (most are onsite).

  • Electrocardiogram: ECG assessment of heart rate and rhythm.
  • Spirometry: lung function testing for asthma and chronic lung disease.
  • Drug Screening: urine drug screen for alcohol and substance misuse.
  • Audiogram: hearing assessment.
  • Immunisations against workplace exposures: for example, to ensure protection against Hepatitis, Typhoid, Tetanus.
  • Mental Health Assessment


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About Dr Peter Sanad – MBBS, FRACGP

Dr Peter Sanad is a General Practitioner with special interests in employment health. He received his degree through Monash University. Dr Sanad completed his clinical training through Eastern Health before pursuing specialist General Practice Fellowship.

Dr Sanad is experienced in performing specialised medical examinations for pre-employment and specific employment medicals such as transport driving, police and firefighter, asbestos, or fume exposure medicals. Dr Sanad is happy to engage with employers to tailor a specific medical examination to suit their industry needs.

Booking an employment medical

Please contact us to book a Pre-Employment or regular Workplace Medical Examination for yourself or you business. We can accommodate specific examination requests and provide comprehensive reports and certificates upon completion.